marți, 9 decembrie 2008


"S is for the simple need.
E is for the ecstasy.
X is just to mark the spot,
Because that's the one you really want.
(Yes!) Sex is always the answer, it's never a question,
'Cuz the answer's yes, oh the answers (Yes)
Not just a suggestion, if you ask the question,
Then it's always yes. Yeeeah! "


"He was my best friend, I tried to help him,
But he traded everything, for suffering,
And found himself alone.
I watched the lying, turn into hiding,
With scars on both his limbs, his fingertips...
Were melted to the bone. "

(Nickelback-Just to get high)

Doua melodii excelente de pe noul album Nickelback.Bineinteles nu lipseste vocea inconfundabila a lui Chad Kroeger si chitara lui.Sper sa va placa,cel putin a doua melodie care sta foarte bine la toate capitolele,instrumentatie si versuri.

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